Healthy Living Presentations

healthy living BANNER



The following peer-facilitated presentations are available for your class, organization, or residents to book:

Wellness is Everyone’s Business: A Competitive Edge when Entering the Workforce
Food is Fuel: Physical Activity and Nutrition
Game Over!: Sleep and Stress Management
NKU Wellness Overview: Resources Available on Campus and Tips for a Successful College Experience
Health Professionals: Taking Care of Yourself before Taking Care of Others

Not what you had in mind? We are happy to work with you to customize a presentation that fits your needs!

The combination of peer education and active learning is a powerful tool when it comes to engaging students in caring for themselves and others. Common interests around healthy living for the student population include: healthy eating, time management, stress resiliency, physical activity, and leadership.

Please contact us with inquiries about presentations at least two weeks in advance of the date you have in mind so that we may prepare adequately. Contact the Wellness Center at or 859-572-7781.