La Soupe



Headed by chef Suzy DeYoung, La Soupe is a Cincinnati-based non-profit that rescues premium quality excesses through exclusive partnerships with local grocers and various organic farms.


La Soupe transforms the rescued foods into delicious and highly-nutritious meals.


These meals are provided to customers, non-profits and food-insecure families. Sales of the meals made from these rich ingredients fuel donations to Cincinnati’s food-deprived individuals.

During the week, la Soupe creates soups, cassoulets, gumbos, stews and anything else that can be shared in a pot. On the weekend, they create large batches of soup and deliver them to local partners who feed the hungry.  

Fill your table and your freezer with food that tastes good and does good!

This semester, La Soupe will be offering an onsite delivery service of their frozen quarts of soup right here on the NKU campus. You can pre-order or just pick up on drop-off days - 2 times a month. MORE DETAILS COMING SOON.