Wellness to U Workshops

Wellness to U Workshops

Looking for a team building activity or something to spice up a departmental meeting that everyone will benefit from? Register for a new Wellness to U Workshop! Each workshop is 50-60 minutes and we come to you at your convenience. Please allow 2 weeks lead time to schedule.

Click to register and request one of the following workshops:

Cultivating Me and We - Team Building

Based on the work of Brene Brown, this presentation leads teams through the 10 guideposts of whole-hearted living.  The facilitator provides discussion to cultivate personal discovery regarding one's own behaviors and then brings the discussion back to the group and team dynamics.  Led by NKU Elevate Personal Coach Maggie Gough, RD

Farmacy - Food is Medicine

Many chronic conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure can be prevented or managed with healthy foods. Find out how. Led by NKU Elevate Personal Coach Maggie Gough, RD

The Pursuit of Wellbeing - It Doesn't Have to Suck!

When it comes to the pursuit of personal health, most people think things like, "It's going to suck, but I have to do it anyway." or "I know what I have to do, I just need to get rid of my lazy self and do it." These statements are mired in misery. We think there is a better way. Wellbeing cannot exist in the absence of joy and personal worthiness. This presentation leads attendees to a more enlightened path of health and wellbeing practices. Led by NKU Elevate Personal Coach Maggie Gough, RD 

*Maggie Gough is available for free, private coaching with individuals. Details HERE.

Sneak it In - Move More, Sit Less

Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking - but often times it's not a choice. Our commutes, jobs and feeling worn out at the end of the day can keep us sedentary. If we don't want this trend to turn us into car, office and couch potatoes, we have to learn how to sneak it in. Kim Baker, ACSM certified Exercise Physiologist will get you moving more and sitting less in no time. Every step counts towards more energy, better mood and dealing with your workload like a champ - at work and at home. Led by University Wellness Mananger Kim Baker, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

Sit Back and Relax - Creating Comfort in Your Workspace

We can't avoid it - our work requires us to spend time at our desks and on our computers. The hours can pass by quickly when we are so absorbed and the ideas are flowing - but then your body starts to chime in... your neck, upper and lower back and shoulders are stiff and achy. Your knees are sore. Your head starts throbbing. Maybe your forearms get tight. These things are distracting - you lose focus, productivity goes down and you're left feeling crummy and drained for the rest of the day.

It doesn't have to be this way! Simple changes to the way you sit in your chair, monitor placement/height, keyboard/mouse placement and lighting can make all the difference in how your body feels while you work - and after work. It will also decrease your risk for common overuse injuries that can occur from unhealthy sitting postures and using technology. Led by University Wellness Manager Kim Baker, ACSM Exercise Physiologist

*Kim Baker is available for work station assessments for individuals and departments. Details HERE.

NEW! Alexander Technique: Presented by NKU SOTA Faculty, Certified Alexander Technique Teacher Corrie Danieley

If you've ever found yourself with headaches after working on the computer, losing your voice after lecturing, or fighting back pain at the end of a work day, then you may want to explore a new way of moving through your day - the Alexander Technique.  

Join expert Corrie Danieley to explore this technique that teaches people how to move, breathe, speak, and do activities in a way that is less stressful - physically, mentally, and emotionally. By learning how to move about your day in a way that is efficient, economic, and ergonomic, chronic pain such as headaches, backaches, and tendonitis begin to disappear. After studying The Alexander Technique, many people start to feel lighter, easier, and more free.

Corrie Danieley offers Alexander Technique private lessons from the Well Living Center in Nunn 415. Details HERE.