Healthy Workplace Committee


Building a culture of wellness is a strategic priority of Northern Kentucky University. To bring about the most significant change in our culture, it is best to engage a wide variety of employees from different levels of the organization so that the collective strength of a team can be leveraged. Some members of this committee were chosen by the nature of their position at NKU and others by their interest and divisional representation.

The main function of the Healthy Workplace Committee is to act in an advisory capacity to assist in planning and evaluating the overall wellness strategy for our campus environment. More specifically, the members of this committee will:

  • formally meet to provide guidance into developing an overall strategy and operational plan for our campus wellness initiative,
    represent employees from all organizational levels
  • spread enthusiasm for wellness on our campus
  • advocate for workplace policies and environments that support improved health and employee well-being
  • serve as leaders/champions for wellness
  • share a common vision of building a best-in-class wellness program and healthy workplace culture
  • work together to actively promote wellness events and activities

Healthy Workplace Committee Mission Statement: The Healthy Workplace Committee advocates for NKU employees by listening and responding to their needs and desires regarding a healthy workplace culture. The committee acts as a vehicle for positive change, empowering the NKU community to take shared responsibility for the health and well-being of the individual and the organization.

Meet the 2015/2016 Healthy Workplace Committee members:


Kim Baker
University Wellness

Jeffrey Baker
Environmental Safety and Compliance

Cynthia Blocksom
Biological Sciences

Erika Jay
Human Resources

Shannon Alexander
College of Health Professions


Jill Wood
Campus Recreation Center

Tracy Brate
Office of the University Registrar

Jennifer Taylor
Information Technology

Pam Wagar
College of Informatics

Denny Sickinger
Environmental Safety and Compliance